17 at last ^_^


So, i’ve been seventeen for a day and I actually feel seventeen-whatever that means. Its like i’m so sick of being 16 and have moved on to being 17. Okay, I don’t think that makes sense but that’s how I feel.
Anyway, I just had a small celebration yesterday with my college friends over pizza at school (that sounds so mature-I know. hahaha)=) It was fun-quick lang. I also realized something though… Birthdays aren’t as BIG as they used to be. I’m like, okay I’m a year older and then get on with my life4.
So, there i’m a year older, wiser, better and whatever -er I could think of.
I’ve had such a happy birthday. I was deeply touched by the people who remembered me. LOTSALOVE!! I felt so special. I really appreciate it.<3