17 in less than three days…


I cannot believe it:
MY SWEET 16TH YEAR IS ALMOST OVER. I’m never going to be 16 again. I’m old. I’m legal in a year’s time. I’m 17. 17. 17. Whatever happened to my 16th year? Where did the 12 months go? I know I know i’m sounding dramatci (no surprise there) again. It’s like I just woke up and realized that i’m three years shy of being an “adult adult”. Whoa! What a realization. Okay, I know its not that big of a deal, everyone goes through it blah blah blah… I don’t know if im ready. I sure wasn’t ready for my 16th year, 12 months ago.
I wasn’t ready to face another heartbreak. I wasn’t ready to go through the tedious process of choosing my college and I wasn’t ready to find out that sixteen isn’t all roses. To be completley honest, I thoguht my 16th year would be just like Samantha Baker’s. Meet my prince charming and bam! i’m self actualized.
Well, not everything’s that easy. (duuh). I’d like to think I became self-actualized this year without the help of my prince charming (i don’t know where he is. Lost probably). I realized that being self actualized depends on me (uhh, i guess that’s where the “self” part comes in. Haha) I’ve straightened out my priorities and decided to weave my own fairytales.
With all that in mind…Hmmm..maybe 16 wouldn’t be so bad after all. *wink*