.:. The New Me .:.

Over the weekend, I’d like to think that I had a major personality overhaul. Okay, I think i haven’t changed completely. It tooke me seventeen years to get where I am, or at least where I used to be. But I got tired of who I was. I mean, don’t get me wrong I like myself but there are pieces of me that i don’t like. My dad told me that I should let go of the past, be nicer to people and return meaness with kindness. This time I listened to what he said and tried to do it for myself. Its been new to me, but I think I’m doing okay. Its not the easiest thing to do but I prayed and asked for “kindness” so thats what I did. The Lord gives and provides… all we have to do is ask. I think I am going to start posting more personal entries. I think that goes with being authentic-one that I’m striving to be.

.:. How Superficial I was .:.
I was going through my whacked duo, Kae’s blog ( and I got into her entry about superficiality. Well, it really wasn’t about superficiality but it said something about that so that got me thinking. For the first time i realized how superficial I was for the past six weeks of college. I have forgotten that what matters is how the person is on the inside. I’m old enough to know that. But let’s say that i’m only human and got carried away. But my superficiality streak is over now. There’s more to life than plain good looks and its plain better to get to know a person and each time you see that person,that person becomes more beautiful because they have substance.