.:. You know what? It really does get better .:.
I was so frustrated at myself last Friday. I was really disappointed. But after all the crying and hysteria, I got over myself and realized that there’s always a lesson to be learned. So, i’m moving on. Lesson Learned. Stop crying and beating myself up over it.

.:. A promise I once made .:.

I made a promise last summer and I kindda stirred away from it during the first month of my college life. But i’m keeping my promise this time.

.:. Just a trivia .:.

Think about this. With one person who hates you, there are two who love you. So forget about those who hate you and concentrate on the one who love you.

.:. New Songs .:.
I was looking for Great Big Sea’s “Ordinary Day” I couldn’t. Its such a great school, try listening to it. 😉