My entire life so far has been in pursuit of something.

Whether it was a new book, a new toy, a relationship, a friendship, or a job, I have always been on the lookout for the next best thing. And while ambition should not be looked down on, growing older makes you challenge the things that you chased after with rigor. Were they particularly worth it? Some of them, obviously yes, some of them, I even forgot why I pursued them.

And while the week (and retrograde) has made me feel so bone tired that I cannot even get up from the couch, I wrote to share this moment. Today, my husband and I spent our afternoon running errands as well as taking the time to drink Italian coffee and just be together. It left me blissful and content in a way that nobody really tells you about.

Everyone talks about the joy of achieving without really telling you about the peace of simply being.

This weekend, I hope you truly just allow yourself to be. There is so much power in it.