Wow. It has been awhile huh? Safe to say that life changed dramatically since I last wrote but wow, I didn’t even realize just how much time has already passed.

For one thing, I am already a mom. Yes, on Thanksgiving Day 2020, I gave birth to my son Alexander Raphael Balthazar – details I shared here.

Since then my husband and I have returned to work, survived many sleepless nights, and saw ourselves transition from a young couple who had no kids to parents of a joyful baby boy. A lot of things rush to my head whenever I think of just how much our lives have changed in the past 60 days but not enough for me to articulate. I feel that I have to just truly feel into this moment and thoroughly enjoy it and that’s what my husband and I have been doing – experiencing it for what it is so we can look back on it later.

But I just had to drop a line here – my trusted blog that has seen me through high school, college, work mishaps, and so many heartbreaks. The young 15 year old kid who lived on One Tree Hill and books has now turned into a 32 year old who still loves books and TV but is now a mom. Oh what a fun adventure this would be.