5 things you thought you knew and five things you OUGHT TO KNOW.


I was tagged again so I decided to make things interesting: 5 things you thought you knew about and 5 things you ought to know… just because J

Five Things You Ought To Know

1) I’m a creature of habit:

Meaning if I order Café Mocha from Starbucks, most likely I would be ordering that until I get sick of it, which usually takes about three years. I’ve been drinking that for the past three years, I only changed my taste recently, like two months ago. This also applies to my sleeping habits, I cannot be bothered after nine-thirty PM. I also have this equally weird habit of waking up at six am no matter what time I slept the night before.

2) I’m insanely obsessed with the “Twilight” series right now:

Enough Said! That series is incredible! Someone should have told me about it earlier or I should have listened to my friends when they said that it was a good series.

3) I’ve always liked the “odd” one out:

I have a knack for fixing things that aren’t necessarily broken but at the same time not perfect as well. I’m easily drawn to people and situations that I have to “fix”. In other words, I love saving people, even when they don’t need to be saved. Feeling superhero eh.

4) I’m a frustrated dancer, singer and artiste period:

I wish I could draw really well. I wish I could be graceful enough to be a cheer dancer. I wish I could sing well. Puro I wish, which is why my dad always says, “Carl, it’s a good thing that you did well in college” *snicker*

5) I wanted to be a part of ANG TV:

Ay, remember the opening credits? Where they posed a lot while their names were being scrolled. I perfected that pose. Seriously.

Five Things You Should Know (five Carla myths debunked!)

1) Carla is not dating the act-uhur, the su-hnn or the pleyyerrr:

I don’t know why oh why a simple girl like me who would rather stay in would be thought of dating several guys at the same time. So, just in case you’re curious, I am not dating anyone at the moment. I’m simply flitting. But not to any of those mentioned above. I do have taste *wink*

2) Carla is not a flirt

Just because I’m friendly to guys or give them food on a daily basis (I give food to everyone on a daily basis) doesn’t make me a flirt. God knows I’m too uptight for my own good. 😀

3) Carla wears her heart on her sleeve

If I like you, it shows. If I don’t like you… it shows as well. But don’t worry I don’t judge right away. I just get annoyed, but don’t take it personally, a lot of things annoy me but that doesn’t mean that I hate you or anything. I’m a pretty nice gal, you know?

4) Carla still has her purity ring

I haven’t given up the promise I made when I was thirteen. My purity ring is hanging around my neck and if you’re one of my closest friends then you should know what that means.

5) Carla is not high-maintenance

Yes. You can take me to Jollibee and I’d be the happiest girl on earth. You can get me dirty ice cream and I’ll fall in love with you. However, if you bring me Hany or Chocnut then I will love you forever in a Bella-Edward sense. J