a few realizations for the new month


For the longest time, I have always pleased people, not in a horrific way though, I have not done anything damaging or addictive. My people pleaser persona has not made me lose touch of my values. There’s something in me that continually seeks to please people, but not up to the point that made me indulge in vices and the like.

I probably wasn’t aware that I needed to draw a line between miserably making people happy and making them happy because it makes me happy. I forgot who I am in order to please people who turned out to be not worth it in the end.

I just realized that it’s not entirely selfish to think of “me” every once in awhile. And that it’s okay to say no to people who are only taking you for granted or are only nice when they need something.
Rediscovering old friends is a difficult thing to do. It’s rare to find people who would accept you and the fact that you have changed.

I don’t think I’ve changed who I am entirely, just tweaks here and there, which I believed was because I just wanted to be a better person. I don’t blame those people though, everyone just grows up. I, myself feel that way towards old friends. It’s probably an element of surprise that a geek has turned into a hot stuff or a nice guy turning into a bully. Surprise, but not critical, everyone changes-way of life.

Accepting those realities of life is included in the rigid process of maturity. It’s not something that we would want to do, but it’s there.

It’s okay to sound stupid. It’s okay to be imperfect and it’s okay to be a klutz every now and then. Who cares if I say and do things that make me sound 12? It’s easier to find people who would accept this 12 year old than be “un” confident with who I am- a klutz, a geek and yes, still a kid who believes in fairy tales.

Friends plus Dating= DISASTER

If you’ve been friends for the longest time, I don’t think it’s such a great idea to date each other. Believe or not, the cliché is true, the one that says that friendship is more important than relationships.


Or maybe it just wasn’t really meant to be *sigh*

The perfect man doesn’t exist. I know that and it’s implanted in my brain waves, however, one realization is scarier. What about my perfect man? The one for me? Is he out there?

Guys think that I’m scary just because I’ve never been kissed and demand for the good things in life. Like not being cheated on or being tossed around like dirty laundry.

WOMEN should be treated better. Or better yet, PEOPLE SHOULD BE TREATED BETTER.

Is it wrong for me to say that?..

Hang on, I think I get the scary part. Heehee.

Calling people names and labels are for kids. But that’s not an excuse; no one has the right to call people nasty names. Also, it’s just wrong to judge people and perceive them as something that they’re not because they’re unsure of themselves.

Also, one must not continually bully people to feel good about them selves, who are you? Dee Dee? Angelica?

It’s as simple as that.

Finals in a week, so this might be my last entry for the next 2 weeks
Please pray for me.
Enjoy the week and the Christmas Month! Aloha!