a little rascal no more


i’ve been spoiled for the past three weeks.

i’ve been going to my past job inconsistently and i’ve been spending days on my computer trying to dash from one place to another as a wedding coordinator while enjoying Drop Dead Diva and Vampire Diaries (which I haven’t finished yet!) and now, before you know it, I would start getting up at 6 again and would return to my trusty planner once again.
and although i’m excited about my new job, i couldn’t help but miss the feeling of doing nothing and just waking up, go through the motions and not do anything.
but at the back of my mind, i was getting scared. i was scared that i would get used to that life and of going to work in the afternoon alone and on most days instead of going to work and actually doing something.
i guess i was in a state of shock for awhile and i just wanted to cleanse myself from all the bad things that has happened and just move forward and i’m pretty happy to still have my afternoons so i could still cultivate myself and for me not to be shocked with a new environment.
so yes, i will miss my little dasher and endless marathons but it’s kindda nice to go back to the real world, because no matter how much we escape it for awhile, we never really could.