It’s amazing to think that just last weekend, my heart was totally crushed and I felt the need to go back to the “hole”. But after a week into the second semester (meaning that a lot of schoolwork and readings and reports have been bombarded into our faces) I just woke up and realized that i’m over it. No matter how crappy he is or whatever it was he did to me, I just realized that I just wanted to let it go. By letting it go, I don’t mean that I’m going to jump into something as complicated as that. By letting go, it just means that Ijust want to live my life and MOVE ON. I’ve been trying to for the longest time, but I haven’t been sucessful. But i’m putting my foot down. I really have to move on. There’s nothing left for me to do. Trust me. Nothing.
Its time for me to give myself a break..
once and for all.