Because I keep stealing these things from Vernica’s Site. haha :)


1. If the person who hurt you most
showed up at your work with flowers
and a card, and gave you a public
apology what would you do?

Would he sing for me too? haha 😉

2. Do you still talk to the person you
kissed last?
terminated. haha 🙂

3. What are you thinking about right

life. work. life. work. I need a new book.

4. Are you a morning person or a night


5. What is your opinion on your ex?

Don’t have an ex to speak of, but if you mean the last (and only) guy that I got into a complicated mess with, we’ll he’s a jerk and I’m not just saying that because I’m bitter. I would say that even if I was in a relationship with him but why would I even be in a relationship with him? That’s just stupid.

6. Are you there for your friends?

All you have to do is text me 🙂

7. Are you a forgiving person?

Yes, one sorry is all it takes.

8. Do you smoke on the regular?

Nope, never even tried it.

9. Are you mad at anyone?

Don’t ask. I’m trying to detoxify myself. Don’t worry, I’ll be up and running by Monday.

10. If you could kill someone, would


11. Are you an aunt or uncle?

neither. I don’t think anyone of us is going to have children. We’re too busy being “career” people.

12. Are you pregnant?

NO. What kind of question is that? haha:0

13. Has 2008 treated you good so far?

Now? it has been good to me lately.

14. Who were the last people you ate

Myself. I work while taking my lunch. I think that’s a bad thing.

15. Who is the last person you talked
to on the phone?

Paulo. Haha. I’m always on the phone because of work but if you mean on the phone just because then it’s definitely paulo.

16. What is something you do daily
that your friends may not know?,,, haha 🙂

17. Do you know anyone who has been

unfortunately yes

18. Are you feeling uneasy about


19. Do you have plans for your next

I want to travel. 🙂

20. Ever had a drunken night in Mexico?

Not yet… haha 🙂

22. Wheres your top 3rd friend right

On my friendster? That’s the only place I have top friends 🙂 Karla is in New Zealand, aren’t you lucky?

23. Ever punched someone or been


25. Do you want children?

If I meet the perfect father, why not?

27. You’re in the hospital, who on
your TOP friends comes to visit you?

I hope all of them would. haha 🙂

28. If your best friend told you she
was pregnant and wanted an abortion,
what would you do?

I’ll seriously tell her to consider it but if she’s deadset on it then I’ll support her. I really can’t change her mind but I at least could be there for her.

29. Name one thing about the opposite
sex that automatically turns you on?

Smile. And if he has that “shy boy” aura. OMG. KILL ME NOW.

30. Anyone from your past ever come to
mind often?

yes 🙂

31. Would you fight for your friends?


32. Are you a jealous person?

I used to be.

33. Is your birthday on a holiday?

Yes. It’s the Carla Ravanes Holiday. Heard of that?

34. What did your last txt message say?

“I miss you.” Darn. I miss you too, you know that.

35. If you had one wish for your best
friend what is it?

That she gets a rockin’ life because she deserves it. I love you Karla 🙂