Being Miakka


Miakka Lim just exudes of energy that’s like no other. More than her beautiful face that she’s long been known for (she’s been modeling since her early teens) and her famous pedigree (she’s the second daughter of PBA powerhouse Frankie Lim and image consultancy pioneer and former model Olen Lim), it’s Miakka’s infectious vibe that sets her apart.
She talks a mile a minute but most importantly, she talks a mile a minute about things that matter, most importantly in the field of sports. While in De La Salle University, the former volleyball standout has been calling the shots as a courtside reporter for the Philippine Basketball Association up until they switched networks a few years ago.
When asked how she became more than just the “daughter of”, especially during her earlier years in the league, she said, “I feel it really is about doing good at what you do. It’s different when you’re in front of the camera and it’s your name, it’s not your parents’ name there, it’s yours so you have to do really well.” And well she did, after years of being Olen or Frankie’s daughter, her parents are now referred to as Miakka’s mom / dad and that alone is enough to make her feel proud of her accomplishments which includes being a certified trainer of Benefit Cosmetics (yes, she’s the lady behind its famous Brow Bar that you must definitely try at least once in your life), a certified image consultant, an events host, and a sports analyst for CNN Philippines (which she considers her dream job). She’s also on her way to creating her own business in the very near future.
When asked what the best advice she received from her parents, she was quick to recall her dad’s advice to “just do it” with anything she wants to accomplish in life while reminding her to do so in a manner that does not step on anyone. Her boldness and her fierceness she credits to her mom, who has never held back in saying what’s on her mind. It’s this boldness that has allowed Miakka to speak as confidently, especially in a male dominated field such as basketball, “Without that mentality, you will not be survived. It’s a man’s world.”
But more than her achievements, Miakka defines the 21st century woman: empowered and independent. A woman who is not scared to speak her mind to her thousands of followers on social media whether about Manila traffic, beauty, or the latest sports news.
For her an independent woman is “somebody who can carry herself, someone who doesn’t need anybody else but also treats other people, kahit wala siyang kailangan from them, really well. Independence is yung kaya mo yung sarili mo and you’re not going to be ashamed because you’re a girl, be proud of what you have and who you are. An independent woman doesn’t ask anybody for anything and you’re not going to drop your life for anyone else. If that’s intimidating for other people, just continue being you, others can either run with you or run away from you but don’t let that change you.”

And for Miakka being the woman that you’ve always wanted to be doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact, it’s simple, just follow what your passions are and just do it, “If you’re not happy everyday isipin mo na lang,ang hirap gumising sa umaga. You have to find a job that you really like doing, do it now. No holds barred, wag ka magtira, always give 101 percent effort.”