Being True to JOHN!


(Connected to the previous entry, so please take the time to read)

Because of that John Mayer entry, I started wearing my heart on my sleeve and realized that my current blog entries are not up to par to what I expected them to be when I put it up five years ago.

I saw the current “apple of my eye” today and I nearly fell over when he smiled. He reminded of this kid I used to like in high school. He’s so different from the “Danny” the guy whose real identity I’d rather keep to myself, he’s bringing back feelings I haven’t felt since high school. You know those crazy little butterflies, but again those butterflies should serve as a warning because Joey Potter said that the butterflies never accompany the right person. But what the heck, I’m keeping my fingers crossed this time.

I’m so damn tired today. I don’t want ever to wear these killer shoes again although they really look pretty on my feet.

I really want OBAMA TO WIN! I read a book written by him and a book about him, they both blew me away. Let’s go Obama!!

Joel Osteen is probably the most influential person in my life right now and I haven’t even met him. But if there’s one gift that I would give to everyone I love, it would definitely be his books. I’m telling you, it can change your life!

I hate mind-games but I guess that’s what makes the trip sweeter. So I’m more open to it now. BRING IT!

I didn’t like my graduation picture taken today. It was INSANE! I hated it but really, what can you do?

I love where I am now primarily because I know that the Lord brought me here.

I miss the Britney-NSYNC era. Those were the days.