Betty in the Ballgame


I just game from a basketball game, and while I do cheer like a boy, I am very much still a girl (somewhere here, deep inside). 

If there’s one thing I learned over the years, it’s this, basketball arenas are filled with the most beautiful people I have ever encountered. And aside from being extremely beautiful, they are also impeccably dressed and so successful in their own right, it’s enough for a person to go gaga. 

And while there have been times, on really crappy days that i did feel like I could never measure up but on my good days, I just often think they’re extremely inspiring. those girls actually exist! 

I often aspired to be just like them, with the way they float (not even walk) with ease and confidence that I could only dream of. 
I thought had to dress a certain way and look a certain way, I often walked around with my shoulders hunched, thinking I couldn’t float if I was still who I was (you know, guarded and Betty La Fea-ish). 
I wore dresses where I couldn’t breathe and walked in heels that made me feel like I was tight roping my way through. I wore my contact lenses though they it poked my eye a lot and today, I just realized fark that shizz. 
I’m done. I immediately got out of my tight dress that felt HORRENDOUS and slipped into my favorite pair of colorful shoes, my boyfriend shirt (which doesn’t belong to a boyfriend :p), and put on my big glasses. 
And it felt amazing to be just me, to be my very own Betty in the land of Barbies and to be happy in it. 

And if you can’t find the beauty in my big glasses, then I really don’t need you in my life because for the first time in my life, I actually like being me.