braving the crazy and cold streets of Manila


Nolan would be so proud of me.

Yesterday, I finally got on an MRT and braved the streets of Manila.

Part of my job description is going to all of our stores and making sure that everything’s in place.

Yesterday I had to visit Trinoma and The Block. I also had a very early meeting at Shangri-la Plaza at 8:00 am and let me tell you the mall at 8:00 am isn’t such a pretty sight.

Doesn’t mean that I loved it any less.

I like the mall better at 8:00 am than at 12:00 pm.

Anyway, the original plan was to get on a cab go to the two malls then rush back to Jade Palace to make arrangements for our Christmas Party before returning back to the office.

Turns out the easiest way to get there is using the MRT. I couldn’t be more excited. The downside to being sheltered your entire life is the fact that when you finally get out to the real world you start collecting embarassing moments.

One of which is the fact that I keep smacking people accidentally with my umbrella, clobbering on my high heels under the crazy weather yesterday and not knowing how to insert the stupid MRT card into the slot. (I beg to differ, the thing was broken, that wasn’t my fault!)

Let me tell you one thing, walking from Trinoma to The Block on four inch heels isn’t such a pretty thing. Especially when small puddles of mud keep getting in the way, my legs are still so sore today.

It was such a Devil Wears Prada moment.

I was so proud of myself and thankful to my officemates because finally finally finally I have learned the art of commuting.

I fell in love with the MRT, it was like a touch of New York Subway right in the heart of Manila.

I so felt like BETTY SUAREZ.