rediscovering The Baby-Sitters Club

It has been a long time since I read a Baby-Sitters Club book. In fact, I gave them away since I met someone who needed it more than me at that time. It was a HUGE sacrifice because my books were some kind of a security blanket for me. No matter how many times I read them, I still enjoyed browsing through them. Nothing made me more happy than re-reading my books. I consume them in more than just one sitting. It was that fun for me.
I have never been a high-maintenance kid, never was. My books were enough to make me happy.
I never relived the memories of my BSC/SVMS days but over the weekend there was something in me that clicked and I found myself missing my old books. I would like to thank everyone who lent me thier books, it truly made me happy.
Now as I researched on the series, I realized that I missed a lot. There was a TV series that I didn’t even get to watch and books that I didn’t even get to read. Despite my age, I still felt myself feeling sad because I never got to read it. But now I think that I’m going to start buying books that I never read before. BSC is still one of my favorite books-ever.
Maybe, there is truly a child in all of us. And right now, my inner child is truly making me happy.
Sometimes it isn’t too bad to go back and relieve the things because in one way or another.. it makes you feel that despite the ugliness of the world.. you rekindle that childlike innocence and start to hope again.