Gratitude Project Day 10

Today I’m grateful for: PEACE!
Above all, I am also thankful that God is a prayer away and by prayer, I don’t mean long sessions (though also fun!) of things that we don’t really care about.
Prayer as in our Daddy God holding us in His arms letting us know that everything will be okay.
Thank you, Daddy God! I am ready for my “Ta-DA!” moments!

Gratitude Project Day 8

Today, I'm grateful for banana pancakes 🙂

There were so many good things that happened today and banana pancakes symbolized it just perfectly: the right amount of sweet & fluffy and makes you feel good inside.

Truly when we actively look for the good in life, we will find it.

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Gratitude Project Day 1

Gratitude Project Day One
Today marks the beginning of the Gratitude Project. I believe that the only way to stay happy is to always, always be grateful.
Today, I’m grateful for this note. Notes like this one remind me of the reason why I teach and it’s something that I will always be thankful for.