my world of make believe

When I was 7, I had this innate belief within me that was so strong that up to this very moment, I still I may have that childlike belief in me.

I believed that every person was nice and no one would even think of intentionally hurting anyone else. No one was intentionally mean enough to actually cause anyone harm, I realized that I was wrong on all counts.

When maybe not entirely, but I got some parts wrong.

I just realized that people are generally…


People may be so nice but then again everyone is mean when threatned as said by Morrie Schwartz, but then again in today’s day and age, the word, “threatened” may have a different connotation all together.

Thing with me is this: I LOVE being nice to peopel and get excited when people are nice back. There’s that surge of joy in me when I meet nice people and click with me in an instant. What I failed to realize is that underneath the bubby exterior, there must be something wrong.

I must be too trusting or too naive to understand the fact that people are just people and not superhumans as I dreamt of when I was younger. I also realized that no matter how nice you are to one person that doesn’t guarantee that they would be nice back, in fact I think and based on my experience that gives them the licensce to think nothing of you and to take you for granted.

People think that just because you’re nice and don’t budge when they say nasty things it gives them the right to just walk all over you. I may have fault in this, I may have not.

It’s confusing to just think of.