Cheap Thrills


I was finally brave enough to watch Dear John on DVD today and it reminded me of silly bittersweet memories.

But there’s more to it than just bittersweet, it’s actually the feeling you get when you go over the foolish decisions you’ve made in the past.

Actually the bitter part is over, and as I tried to go over the things that happened since February, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because you know it was worth the tears, the heartbreak and the delusional mindset for awhile.

Because it gave me this amazing relationship with the one who created me.

Because John what I wanted with you was a cheap thrill, it was not love that was comparable to John and Savannah’s.

And you know when I do fall in love, I want the kind that exemplifies God’s best and God’s glory!

And because of that particular John, I’ve come to understand the importance of my relationship with Him. And why I should focus on Him.