Consuming Love


It feels good to love people, it feels good to show the people we love how much we love them.

And it also feels extra nice to be appreciated for it.

However, there are days when we live for that appreciation alone. Self worth and self love comes from the attention and the love we get from other people.

Our love becomes a source of manipulation, we love and be nice because we want people to see us as nice and to see us as good people. And unconciously, we be nice so we have control over other people.

I’ve been there before, I’ve been a people pleaser and I’ve always placed my happiness on other people’s approval, most especially the people I love the most.

It’s something I don’t wish on anyone.

There’s a bondage right there that just eats people up and spits them out broken or bruised.

In truth, people, no matter how we love them and how they love us, they could never make us whole.

We could never love people enough to stop them from hurting or disappointing us.

Everyone would disappoint us at one point, whether we like it or not but it’s a good thing that the real definition of love drives out all hatred and anger.

Church today highlighted what perfect love is, “The love of Jesus, what He did for you frees you from the bondage of people.”

It simply means that in Christ, we are always accepted, always loved and always appreciated.

People, no matter how they try, would always find a way to hurt us and we must understand that that doesn’t signify the end of our world because our confidence is in Him and in Him, we are complete.

And in this simple truth, that has been freely given to us from day one excites me, because finally I’m free from pleasing people and instead just free to keep my focus on Him.

It’s time to stop relying on other people to define what love is, when we’re in Christ, we find joy in loving people without seeking for anything in return because our reward lies in heaven.

And it’s not the easiest to comprehend because the world tells us otherwise, but it’s the only truth that makes sense.

We love with the Father’s love and soon enough, our love would reflect in all areas of our lives and soon enough, this love would consume and it would be more than enough.

Happy Loving!