crap…all crap…


My knees are shaking but im sitting down so i don’t know if that’s possible. My heart’s breaking, I could heart it tinker into little pieces…
Okay enough of this hoola balloh, i’ve got a lot of things going on in my mind. Okay, have you read the “sabi ko na nga ba” entry? Well, it turns out to be true.
My dear friends “he” turns out to be a chauvinistic ( at this point i don’t care whether i spell that right or not), a huge conformist and true player (and we are not talking about basketball here).
A bucket of cold water has been poured on me, can this week get any worse? But to be honest, I don’t feel bad at all. Know why? That girl’s trash. Haha, im just kidding. Ohwell, you get my point.
But at the same time it gives me a new sense of freedom. Freedom because at least I could get on with my college life without the baggage. I could start anew.
No thoughts remain.. only this..
the whole thing about destiny and how i used to believe in it…well, its all BS now.