crash and burn.


despite the optimistic ra ra ra at the beginning of the week and how sure i was that i was going to have a wonderful week, i didn’t.

and it was pretty much a huge crash because i had a wonderful first week of january and then things just snowballed from there.

it was an epic fail week, to say the least and from this standpoint, i’m not sure if anything today would actually make it otherwise.

for one thing, i can’t make one decision about my job. yes, i filed for my resignation but other things may or may not fall into place and i’m at a dead again.
seriously, dead end at 21. i wish i didn’t slave away my college years making good grades when in fact the world was shitty and opportunities didn’t line up.
i really need to start applying but i have no idea how to. i mean i think the only way to get promoted these days is to suck serious arse (in the Philippines at the very least) and that’s the very thing i detest.
also, i never seem to like normal, rational guys. i always like shitty ones who can’t keep promises and who only show up when they need something.
i’d like to think that i’m too young to be stuck at a dead end job and with a dozen cats. i’m too young to think the world has given up on me, but at this very moment, i think i have finally given up on the world.