currently loving in:)


* nickelodeon nights
– Since I hardly have anything to watch during weeknights (no thanks to the reruns of “veronica mars”, “joan of arcadia” and “american dreams”) except during Tuesdays (I don’t care if they rerun season 2 of Tree Hill again, I’ll still continue to watch it, even if I’ve memorized the lines already. Hihi.) , I am so grateful to know that nick nights are there to salvage me from my boredom. See, fairly odd parents is shown at 8, rugrats: all grown up is at 8:30 and as told by ginger is on at 9. Seriously, what more could a girl ask for?
* memoirs of a geisha
– If my memory serves me right, Chi has been asking me to read that book ever since my junior year in high school, I recall that Thea wanted to lend me her copy as well. The ignorant that I am, I refused because I thought it would be some boring book about some Japanese girl that I couldn’t care less about. I was so wrong. It’s so interesting and exotic, I am enjoying every minute of it. I haven’t seen the movie yet, I shall when I’m done with the book, haha:-) (it has inspired me to wear a “kimono inspired” top to the game today…haha)
– I thought that the pussycat dolls would be the reincarnation of the spice girls. Again, I was wrong. You should go get a copy of their album, I am so loving their songs:-)
* James Blunt
– Do I really need to tell you WHY?
* Livin’ with Fran
– If you haven’t seen one episode, you are missing a lot.:-) It’s so damn funny and it doesn’t hurt to see Ryan Mc Partlin, who, I must say is a taller and blonder version of James Lafferty- need I say more?