Currentlys: The 26 Year Old Edition


Since I’ve had this blog since I was sixteen, it has seen everything and I mean, everything that I have been in the past ten years. While some “bloggers” choose to “hide” the years of shame (aka years before the filter), I choose to let it be exposed for all the entire world to see. In my younger years, my blog (though filled with teen angst) have included lighter subjects such as: what I’m reading, what I’m watching, who’s hot, and so forth.

Today, however, my blog has become ‘heavier’ and so rather randomly, I choose to share again what I’m reading, listening to, and watching just for posterity’s sake. Maybe, in a few blog entries, I will also be sharing outfit shots, but for now, this would do.

Currently Listening To

Of course Taylor Swift’s 1989 is on the loop along with old favorites aka my eclectic playlist  like Lorde, Tupac (occasionally) , Drake, Hillsong, Bethel Live, Magic, Coldplay, Nick Jonas, Beyonce, and even Ariana Grande. But what keeps my ears busy all day are my favorite podcasts, that of which I’m sharing here.

Serial, This American Life 

It’s the story of the mystery behind the case of Hae Min Lee, a fifteen year old case in Baltimore. The Shelby Woo in me is really interested in this one simply because it’s the right mix of mystery, high school romance gone sour, and a judicial system that may have not gotten it right. It also touches the topic of race and discrimination. If you’re looking for something to listen to while doing mundane tasks, this is the way to go.

City Church, Judah Smith

Part of my day begins with listening to wisdom from Judah Smith. I’ve been following Pastor Judah Smith since reading Jesus Is at the beginning of the year and my heart has been transformed, slowly but surely.

Ted Talks

I’m the queen of short attention span so these quick Ted Talks are really helpful. It’s important to learn something new everyday and I’m picking up more than a few things from this channel.

Currently Watching

Yes, I did see Mockingjay and no, I’m not going to dive into how disappointing that was. The thing about me is that I absolutely enjoy having something to watch on my old school iPod classic right before I fall asleep. It’s a weird quirk but aides in my very rigid sleeping pattern.
The Mindy Project
   – Like you need a reason as to why I’m watching Dr. Mindy Lahiri aka my soul sister. Also, have you seen Danny Castellano.
The Office Season 6

   – I was in college when The Office trend started so I couldn’t quite identify with them yet but now that i’m in my “mid” twenties, I’m thoroughly enjoying Michael Scott’s adventures.
The Newsroom 

  – Let me just say, a show that makes you think is a show that deserves to stay on air, but since it’s ending in December, I’m relishing my time with this. 

Currently Reading

My Kobo has not helped in making me focus on just one book. So it’s safe to say that I’m reading several books all at once. 
However, top two on my list are:
1) Trading Spaces, Steven Wyatt
2) 11-22-63, Stephen King

Okay, I know this hasn’t been the most detailed list, but once I do get enough time on my plate, I promise to do reviews of everything mentioned above, but until then, I hope this, along with  google search helps you find new things to occupy your time with. 🙂