Day Fifty Three


I was diagnosed with hyperthyrodism in 2006 and up to this day, I have no idea what caused it.
Probably due to all the tuna I ate because I was trying to be a skeleton plus the pressure of trying to be ala Reese Witherspoon on Legally Blonde.
Basically, I was trying to be someone I wasn’t cut out to be and it led me to an eating disorder and hyperthyrodism.
Hyperthyrodism basically elevates your heart rate and makes you feel like you’ve been working out for two hours instead of five minutes. It causes unnecessary stress and makes you react to all things because you’re on this emotional haywire.
Basically, it’s like you’re on crack most of the time. Or ecstacy. Or whatever it is kids get high on.
But that part of my life is over now.
Because I am finally finally healed!
I got my results back today and i’m good!
After four years!
WOW don’t we serve an amazing God?!
Of course we do!
So if I were you, stay away from too much canned tuna!