Day Ninety Nine: May 20, 2010


Home is where the Heart is.

If this is the case, then Ed Link has become my home, honestly.

Because while I was training for Slingerland 2, I felt at home.

God placed me with people who get the same kiligs that I get whenever I hear about new books and they also share the same love for Glee.

I feel so at home. And the kids are just wonderful, they make me laugh with their little anecdotes.

It’s the greatest thing.

So, project 365, it’s been almost a hundred days since i started you and so far, you have been overwhelmingly kind. Each day is now more different than the other because of this little thing I do with my camera or my camera phone.

It has been more exciting, so for the next 265 days, i’m pretty excited. 🙂