dear atom araullo,


we have never shared a conversation and all i’m going to base this blog entry on is this article i found on and a few snippets of 5 and up that I watched when i was younger.

based on that article, i have learned that you were an activist while you were studying Applied Physics in UP Diliman (that was too much in one sitting), you were a triathlete when you were younger and you studied in Philippine Science High School. Now you continue to pursue your passion in photography, writing, teaching while focusing your main career: journalism.
although this blog entry started out as a declaration of highschool girl crush, it has evolved into something else, it has turned into an entry of inspiration because amidst football stars, basketball stars, matinee idols who strip off their shirts within a moment’s notice and socialites– you stand out because of your intellect and possibly also because of your looks, but i’d like to think that it’s mainly because of the confidence you have simply because you know what you’re doing.
Shamcey Supsup has recently meshed “beauty and brains” making nerdy look cute simply because she was a Magna Cum Laude, a Board Topnotcher and a Beauty Queen all rolled into one. Suddenly there was nothing separating the geeks and the beauty queens simply because in today’s day and age, people like Shamcey have made it possible to be all at once.
The reason I inserted the reigning Miss Universe 3rd runner up in this digital letter that could never get to you is because i’d like to think that you posses the same audacious ability to make smart look good all at the same time and because of that I am forever grateful because I am hoping that this will pave the way for a new set of heartthrobs that won’t just focus on how many reps they do in the gym but also how much atrocious facts they can name on the top of their heads.
Thank you because by simply being you you have shown girls everywhere the reason why dads would say, “marry a good guy” meaning decent, has a bachelor’s degree and has a job that he is passionate about.
It may seem like a cliche to label you as a “role model” because you must have been labeled that all your life but that is what you are: a symbol of a better breed of guys who take their work seriously and who treasure education and the country over beer pongs and womanizing.
It makes me believe that there are more guys like you and the guys in the Philippines, or Metro Manila at the very least, are not hopeless at all. I really hope that many follow your footsteps and soon enough there will be more guys in school as opposed to guys drinking and partying and womanizing the night away.

it is quite safe to say that you redefined the way men should be: a real man is defined by his principles, values and not how many girls he has. your quiet confidence comes from the fact that you worked hard for whatever it is that you have. your basis of confidence is your intelligence and girls like me could only wish that there were more guys like you.

so kudos to you (in the hopes that you actually come across this blabbering of mine).
This blog entry was inspired by a conversation I had with my dad a few days ago while watching the evening news. For years my dad has always been telling me one thing, “Carla, please choose a guy who is smart, a guy who is focused on his job, someone who is probably not the most handsome guy in a lineup but someone who can give you a future or at least understand your need to study all the time.”

And since i’ve never been in a relationship, it never really mattered, although my choice of crushes have always been shallow and my dad never hesitated in sharing what he thought about my choices so far, until that fateful night i told him about my crush on Mr. Atom Araullo. It was the first time my dad actually appreciated my taste saying that finally I was getting what he has been telling me all these years.

So hopefully when the time comes that I finally meet someone in the “real world” he will be just like Mr. Araullo in the sense that my choices would make my dad, the man who raised me, proud.