Dear Lie,


It’s been two years, almost three.

It was a long journey and i’m happy that it ended today.
I still don’t get it though and i’m pretty sure that a blog entry could not summarize the two years almost three that I went through with you.
While nostalgically listening to Taylor Swift’s “i’d lie”, i couldn’t even explain how wonderfully innocent I was, thinking that the first guy would be the happily ever after.
the tears that i shed this afternoon was not out of remorse or out of bitterness, but out of the relief that finally there was some solid proof that whatever we had going for two almost three years was nothing but an illusion.
but i would’t trade those two almost three years for anything because i learned and it drew me closer to having a relationship with the One who matters.
today was so simple yet so final.
it’s truly the end. the end that i’ve been waiting for for so long.
can’t wait for the next chapter, Lord