Dear Someday


You must be fantastic.

You must be the culmination of all my deepest desires, wishes and dreams.

I’d love to say that you are my life now just to sound romantic but that would be wrong, you know why?

Because at this moment, I have surrendered you to the Lord and when I say surrender, I do mean surrender.

I don’t mean, “surrender but I still want it surrender”

I mean surrender, true surrender that i’ve accepted it eventhough you may never come into my life and that’s okay, because I’ve found my joy and acceptance in Christ.

That’s what I meant when I said you’re fantastic because at this moment, I don’t know if you’d still arrive in my life.

And you being in my life is fantastic because He gave you to me just because He can.

For awhile there, I did settle.

Because I believed the lies of the devil, thinking I’m not good enough to merit God’s best, and you know what?

I may not be good enough but I do have a God who loves me enough to give me the best just because He loves me and not because I worked hard for it.

But you know someday, if you do enter my life, I know it’s in God’s will and in His timing but if not, then I know I’m still receiving God’s best because it’s only Him who knows what His best means.

And I have nothing to fear now because God is the God of the impossible.

He is also the God of order.

So all in His perfect timing because at this moment, He wants me to spend all of my time with Him.

And I hope you are growing in Him too because you know, I don’t know if our someday would actually come but that’s okay because we’re in Him and that is the most important thing. 🙂