Definitely in a committed relationship


Eversince I began my serious walk with Him, it’s been an on going battle.

It hasn’t been easy because there are so many forces to reckon with and sometimes, you forget of the power you have inside of you and you tend to do things that don’t really reflect His glory.

And I’m ashamed but then I realized that if I were perfect, what would God’s grace mean in my life?

If life were perfect and if I never made mistakes how would I be humbled by His goodness?

This doesn’t mean that I’m taking sin lightly but it just means that there are days that even when we try, we do fail and it doesn’t make us less deserving His love because in reality, can we really do anything to deserve that?

That’s why it’s called a great love. It’s because we could never really do anything to deserve that kind of goodness and mercy.

And yet everyday, we’re freely given that, all we have to do is accept it.

So whatever it is, I’m standing firm on my ground. I’m committing myself to this relationship.

For it’s the only relationship that matters.