Does Forever Exist?


I was contemplating on doing this entry because I’m two weeks too late and practically everyone already wrote a blog about Twilight at some point.

But then again, it was an experience for me so, why not share it right? Since this is the entire point of this online journal anyway.

Twilight the movie wasn’t as spectacular as the book.

This is probably because the book is something private and intimate that you only share with yourself and your wild imagination. I imagined Edward to be perfect (check out Tom Sturridge– the original choice for Edward!) and be perfect at all times. In my mind, it was Bella who went insane whenever Edward was in the vicinity.

But then again, books always differ from their movie versions (A Walk to Remember anyone?) and well, I liked the twist, it was experiencing Twilight from a different perspective. Yes, there were times that Edward looked constipated (At the beginning of the movie, I actually regretted trekking to Gateway to see it) and Bella was… annoying rather than awkwardly charming, Rosalie could have been prettier but you know, they were operating on a 35 million budget and well, my brother and mom who haven’t read the series fell in love with the movie so I guess they did something right.

Towards the middle of the film, I fell in love with the movie’s version of Edward who was insecure, they added that little twist of him and that made him more “human” for a lack of a better term. And it worked. Edward was the awkward one and Bella was the “secure” one. I understood their characters because I devoured the book, I cannot say the same though for the people who were fans of the series.

I wish they could have made the “sparkling edward” scene better, in my mind, it was the pivotal point of the book. It was magnificent and beautiful, but then again, my imagination does run wild every once in awhile so maybe I just expected too much from that scene.

My favorite scene? The one in the parking lot after they got together!!!!!!!! That just really made me go “awww”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Robert Pattinson was just absolutely hot in that scene! I mean really! Can you just say “melt my heart”? I was definitely smiling till I went to sleep last night. Edward stole my heart in an instant.

Guys like him definitely do not exist! And even he was not perfect! He was a vampire which leads me to this question, just like Bella, would you give up everything to be a vampire and be with Edward forever?

Does Forever Even Exist? I would love to hear what you think! Comment Comment 🙂