Dorky Girl has made a decision


If you’ve read my entry last friday, you’d know that Dorky Girl was choosing between Jaded Geek and Experienced Jaden.

Dorky Girl has made her choice and it has nothing to do with the two boys that fate kept throwing into her face. Dorky Girl has finally realized that somtimes, growing up meant letting go of certain vices that are way too addictive for her own good.

Oh who am I kidding? Everyone knows that I’m Dorky Girl but since I’m trying to be modest, I’d rather keep the identities of the two boys under wraps. Besides, this is my blog and this is about me and my adventures.

For the next month, I’m staying away from boys and all thier complications and would rather bury myself in my work and making one hell of a syllabus that when all the hardwork is done, I wouldn’t even know which way is up. Boys suck really (except for Nolan, he’s the only guy who’s impossible to hate) They break your heart and don’t expect you to want commitment.

Work’s lovely because even if it demands so much from you, it rewards you with so much. It And even if it tries, it would never break your heart.

Relationships are overrrated anyway, the same comfort that a boyfriend brings can be given by exciting basketball games, friends, chocolates, ate ruth or a good movie. So why bother with all the drama?

I cannot believe how much of an independent woman I have become but don’t you dare be fooled because underneath all this, I’m still this old fashioned woman who prefers commitment over the whole boring adage of being friends with benefits.

That’s the stupidest way to describe a situation, personally I think it was invented by men without the balls to commit and those are the boys I’d rather stay away from.

I think Dorky Girl was right about her decision, even if she feels guilty about it.

She made the right choice.