Dreaming of an Out of Body Experience at The Mind Museum


My three year old niece used to live right across The Mind Museum, we used to watch workers build the great shiny thing in the middle of The Fort with great anticipation. We just couldn’t wait to discover what was inside and although it has been open for a year now, we have never set foot in it due to a lot of different reasons. 

While most people would be specific in what they want to experience inside of the most radical museum in the Metro, id rather go for the totality of the experience. I’ve always been fascinated with Science, especially after going through The Magic School Bus books as a kid, and experiencing a few of those tricks in The Mind Museum now that I’m an adult would be a mind blowing experience all on its own. 
Science is a lot of things, but it is never boring and this is the reason why I want my niece to experience first hand the many wonders of Science. Science is meant to be experienced, not just taught and with The Mind Museum, it is now a reality, not just a fantasy.