effortlessly planned


“Surely Your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life and Your House will be my home forever.”


it is an insatiable part of who i am. i like knowing how things are done and i enjoy knowing where things would go. i highly dislike not knowing.

but lately, i have come to realize that walking with Jesus has always been about 1% knowing where things are going and then 99% leaving it all up to faith.

which, as human beings is kind of difficult. now i don’t mean simply sitting inside your house and not doing anything but doing what you can do and letting God take it from there.

whatever part of my life i’m specifically referring to i’d rather not say, but trusting God and the adage, “if it’s meant to happen it will happen” has been  quite difficult for me in this area, however, i have come to understand that it has been a whole lot easier to do so.

that whatever it is i’m worried about– whether repeated sin (an entirely different story but i stand forgiven the same way you are) or a prayer that has not been answered, i trust that God hears me even when I don’t hear His voice, especially when I don’t hear His voice.

and even though i  may never know why, i know that His goodness is enough for me to stand on. 

God is not only great, He is good and for me to trust a God like that is just outstanding because it means that my life is always in good hands and guess what, yours is too.

Stand strong!