( PLEASE OPEN THIS ENTRY. I NEED YOUR ADVICE! If you’re reading this then I do believe that I have chosen you to enlighten me, all replies will be appreciated)

Does the dulling ache ever stop? Or will it simply revive itself every time the person in question looms in your peripheral? Do you ever get over a love that influenced your life in the past year or does it just stretch into the kind of love that makes you look out the window in your rocking chair when your 80, thinking ‘what could have been’?

Why do two people stay away from each other when in fact they couldn’t live with one another? Or they could, but it hasn’t been happier since then. There are tears in my eyes as I write this, a love so profound has never hit me this strongly, there are tears because it’s a love that’s going to stay that way: trapped.

Maybe the timing isn’t right. Or maybe the person isn’t right. Or maybe, it’s just not one of those things that aren’t meant to happen. Not a single song can express the depth of what I’m feeling now. It’s both a feeling of fear, insecurity and happiness. Happiness because I didn’t even know that I could love a person this strongly, insecurity because of the hate I feel. Cannot believe that I could hate someone I care about so strongly.

Darling, where did we go wrong?