enough with the drama please.


I don’t like to write anything negative anymore on my blog. It simply does not bring good vibrations. Okay, now I sound like some freakin’ psychic. Haha. Hmmm… Life’s been shaky really but at the same time its been fun as well. Its a rollercoaster ride and I can account that to my emotions. You see I don’t want to sweat the small stuff anymore, I just want to let it go and be happy with my life and what I have. Sometimes its so easy to get caught up in all the negativity that I cannot see my life for what it is and all the wonders that it has. Happiness is a choice and at the end of the day, I just really want to be happy with my life and with what I have.
I just realized over the weekend that no matter what happens your family would never leave you. Cliche- I know but it has been proven so many times already. Last weekend when I was crying my heart out over my heart’s little frustrations the only thing that could comfort me were my mom’s words of encouragement and her famous ube. That made me weekend better. These little things can shake you but im glad that my family’s there to make things better:)
Regret is something that everyone should live with. I wish I didn’t have to though. Its an annoying feeling. I hate feeling this way. I hate the fact that I could’ve done something about it. It was right there and I pushed it away. Okay, maybe its not for me. But I should learn to overcome this crazy and paranoid fear of mine. I don’t know if im just being selfish or being a brat. I don’t understand myself at times. Relationships and carla don’t work well together and I should learn to live with that.
Things will get better. If I just let go of the little things that don’t matter.
BASKETBALL’s a week away. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!:)