Falling, Getting Up and Falling in Love


There’s simply something about high school and college that would make you want to retreat in a shell and just smack yourself for several life-decisions that you’ve made that may have or may have not built your reputation.

You know, its really the paranoia kicking in (or just the late nights of reading Jodi Picoult. Just like any love story, its dark, rich and addictive).

But there are simply days when your fear of reverting back to who you used to be in high school creeps in, you know it simply pulls you in and makes you want to run because you feel that a part of that old person is still in there and all you have to do is fight against it.


Today marks my first year here in SISC.

If I wasn’t so sick last night, I would be dancing now.

It swells my heart because after everything that I’ve been through, after all the heartaches, the tears and the disappointments, I can look back, smile and say, “I’ve been through all that, now its time to move on to another part of my life”

Here’s to looking forward in faith that things could only get better 🙂