Filipino Chaos


The Philippines is still undergoing its own real life soap opera. Rallies everywhere, people going on hunger strikes, rude senate presidents showing thier disgust on national television. It’s an ongoing soap opera with a lot of twists and turns, high-highs and low lows. It’s crazy, chaotic and plain embarassing. Okay, I may not be the president’s biggest fan but would people just give her a break? Pinoys love to break the rules, including constitutions. We have no patience at all and want things quick.
It’s just ironic that during EDSA 2, people were so pro-gloria. So, what’s the difference now? She cheated her way to presidency? Well, who do people want to lead? FPJ? With all due respect to the late “the king”, I liked him and believed he was a good person, its probably just people around him and his wife that’s pushing them to power. (Power,i’ve realized is very tempting) Let’s do a trial on it and see what happens. We have to wait but what the hell but that’s the law. If we had a good judiciary then maybe we wouldn’t have to wait so long.
Anothing thing that bothers me about the Philippines is the “crab mentality”. Its getting worse. I’ve never heard Pinoys speak well of each other. Well maybe they do but its obviously wrapped in “plastic”.
We should learn to get over these things. Most of what people say are plain bull anyway. Everyone wants power, its depressing.
If the Filipinos practiced the “live and let live” mantra, I think we’ll be at a so much better place.