first year college memories for my first year lovies (specifically: shine, kae and nolan)


THINK BACK TO 1st year college… Let’s
see how much you remember and how much
you regret.. .

1. What section were you?
– our school does not like sectioning!:)

2. Who was your adviser?
– they have something about advisers too!:D

3. How many were you in one class?
– twenty would be a lot!!!

4. Who was your seatmate?
– first year? kae, shine or nolan. that’s a given! that never changed:)

5. Still remember your english prof?
– ms.chong!:)

6. What was your first class?
– principles of marketing!!:D

7. Who was/were your best friend/s
– Kae, Nolan and Shine. I know a lot has changed since then but now, it seems the same to me:)

8. Who did you like?
– ohmiggg… marcel:) haha:)

9. Made any enemies?
– i think I was a very different person then so don’t ask:)

10. Who was your favorite teacher?
– Ms. yay was on leave, so it was mr milevoi. shockker!

11. What sports did you play?
– ah hahaha… nothing:) i was too lazy! who trained at 7 to 9 pm? i never wanted to miss my daily dose of etc:)

12. Did you buy your lunch?
– nah, everything was either too expensive or too far

13. Were you a party animal?
– HAHA NO! i was the biggest geek!

14. Were you well known in your school?
– it’s a small school, everyone knows everyone. doink!

15 . Skipped Classes?
– never. good girl:) and if we did, where would we go? haha:)

16. Did you get suspended/expelled??
– ahem. NEVER:) i straightened up in college;)

17. Can you sing the alma mater?
– we have one? haha!

18. What was/were your favorite
subject/ s?
– MIS because of sir tsai but mostly my advertising (the ear) and marketing classes!

19. What was your school’s full name?
– Southville Foreign Colleges

20. If you could go back in time and
do it
all over, would you?


21. What do you remember most about first year?
– growing up, getting hurt, falling in love and learning to pick myself up:)

22 . Favorite memory in 1st yr?
– I cannot pick out just one but for this survey’s sake, international week 2005. that damn slide!

I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!:)