Fresh Foodie Fridays: Iago’s Grill!


Just in case you didn’t notice, it is the First Friday of the Month and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate it other than sharing with you one of my favorite things in the world: FOOD!

I recently went through my posts and realized that it has mostly been about my irrevocable love for food! It has even taken up the space I usually reserve for my love for Joseph Gordon-Levitt but that is a completely different topic altogether.

Since I’m all about trying something new for the New Year, I will attempt a weekly blog that will highlight my favorite food or restaurant of the week! I will try my very best to do it every week, so cross your fingers and hope I do make it through all the Fridays of the year!

I’ve been living in the South since 1999 and have come to the conclusion that the South truly has the best one-of-a-kind restaurants in town and through Foodie Fridays (I’m so witty, I know) I wish to share this foodie journey with you.

So of course, I will begin this foray with a personal fave of the family: Iago’s Grill found in the heart of busy BF Homes (oh yes if you are from the South, you know very well that it is busy!!).

Good friends of mine know that whenever I ask them to join me from lunch or dinner, I often suggest Iago’s simply because it already feels like home to me. Since we are a quaint family of four and don’t cook that often at home because of our busy schedules, our meal times are often done in Iago’s and I may have celebrated several birthdays there as well.

The great thing about this resto is the fact that they serve such a wide range of dishes that there’s one that fits every mood or every diet (my brother Carl has turned into a fitness/eating right/ boring individual but Iago’s seems to be the top of his favorite restos!). My friends also get a kick out of this place because our 500 pesos goes a looong way in terms of drinks AND food.

Some of our favorites are:

Heaven’s Chicken



Their Grilled Chicken Barbecue with Java Rice is divine as well! But just in case you are curious about their menu, here’s a preview (all photos are courtesy of Iago’s Facebook Page)


If you wish to unwind after a busy day, they also offer a wide selection of drinks from flaming shots to old favorites (Long Island Iced Tea anyone?) or just wish to cool down on a hot day, their traditional Filipino desserts will definitely do the job for you! They have also recently ventured into catering events so if you want your guests’ tummy to be happy, just click on the link above and visit their Facebook site! 
So  if you’re a Southerner like me (or a Northerner who wants to visit? Yes, just putting it out there;)), you might want to take my word for it and head down to Iago’s today, right now! What else are you waiting for? I just know your tummy is grumbling at the thought of it right now!
Speaking of grumbling tummies,writing this post made mine grumble as well and also made me realize that with all the calories I consume, I should also probably consider Fit Thursdays?

Oh well, I should really go eat first. Ciao bellas!