glad to be back


Finally, hell week’s over. Im still stressin’ over the fact that the midterms are coming up and all the term papers should be finalized and really nothing freaks me out more than SCHOOL. Anyway, I’m still upset over the fact that the kings lost last sunday:’c hooo-hooo… Ohwell, there’s always the next season. Crap! three weeks of no basketball *tear*
Anyway, life’s been treating me good lately. A few bumps here and there but its okay nonetheless. I’m happy. I became happier when I learned to let go of something that clearly wasn’t meant for me. I’m going with the crazy flow of life and learning how to live life one day at a time.
Jen’s debut on saturday. I can’t wait. I miss my hs friends like crazy and I couldn’t wait to take a million pictures!!:)