it’s so nice to love people when they are indeed nice and fluffy.

what makes it difficult is when there is nothing nice and fluffy about them and the only love that you can give them is the one that you’re obligated to give (you know, the one where you have to smile and be kind and not say anything ill mannered towards the person).
it’s a lot easier to love someone who is quite easy to love, someone who responds to a facebook post or someone who actually replies when you text them, asking them how they are.
it’s so much easier to shine God’s light and share His love towards those who we think “deserve” it.
i’ve been thinking this way for weeks and it’s as if my soul has been trying to make me understand it although my head is too stubborn to actually make sense or too egoistic to accept this little fact that He’s been trying to tell me for the longest time.
because you know, there’s something inside of us that pushes us to demand for love when in truth that is the one thing that we cannot demand from people.
yes, people can actually choose whether or not to love us and most of the time, they don’t.
or they do love us, but somewhere in between, they choose to pause for a bit, probably when they see a little quirk that isn’t too becoming or when they think we eat too much or we talk to much.
it’s quite humbling to know that God knows all of this and yet, He loves me with a perfect love that only He can give. That He doesn’t judge me based on my shortcomings or my weaknesses.
That He loves me even when He knows that I don’t deserve it.
And just like that, just by realizing that it’s easier to love people once again, even if they don’t love me in return.
Because you know He did that when I wouldn’t give Him anything at all. 🙂