Grumpy Sally


i should have been a psychologist.

and i’d like to think that i partly am because of the type of job i’m in but in truth, i also like overanalyzing myself and the current situation that i am. this is the reason why on most days i don’t really erupt, i just silently sit or cry or just stare out into space when conflict arises.

well, today all of that logic crap flew out of the window.

and i wasn’t entirely proud of myself but in a way, i kind of felt that hey maybe it’s okay to show emotions sometimes, of course i get we shouldn’t be controlled by our emotions but at the same time we shouldn’t drown in them either and i think that’s what i’ve been doing which is why i just blew my top today.

i am not proud of it and it will probably not happen again in a long time but i guess it’s okay, it’s okay to not be okay and it’s okay to cry about it.

God makes me super but on my own, i’m pretty much a mess.

So here’s another day that i thank Jesus for constantly saving me from myself.