He is faithful


I cleaned out my closet today. Something I do every three weeks and somehow every time I do I come across things I no longer need.

Well, not the point of this entry.
I came across resumes I sent out in the beginning of the year and one of them was directed to the place where I work now.
I wasn’t in tears, as i should be since i cry over every single thing, instead I was stunned because well, God answered my prayers.

It didn’t come quickly, I waited for a really long time although I wouldn’t trade those months for anything because it was where i grew and without those months, i wouldn’t have appreciated my job this much.
Well, I was mostly stubborn during those times and God dealt with a lot of things inside of me before anything started happening on the outside.
And as I look back on those months where I felt like I was in dead-end job, I couldn’t help but be thankful because God is truly good, even when we’re not, most especially when we’re not.
I could never deserve it, so in a way, i want to tell the world how great God is because this is the only way I could ever make the world see that He is faithful to His promises and that if we hold on to His love, He can do far more than we can imagine!
Keep dreaming and hold on to God’s love!