how boring i’ve become


I was supposed to do my marketing practice homework this morning when my dropped me off really early for my eleven forty five class but guess what I did? Yes, I started wasting my time trying to fix my xanga site and posting a bunch of nonsense on this one. I have no idea what happened to me, its like I’ve lost my ability to FEEL. I read my first blog, the ones that truly captured my senior year ( and I am surprised by that person. She was so emotional and had so much to give, she had so much hope and passion for … well, love. I just look at myself now and I realize that I no longer believe in sucha beautiful thing. Well, I don’t think i’m the one to blame right? After all the crap i’ve been through and all the rejection I dont think I would want to go through that again. Getting hurt means that you’re alive, well i’m pretty damn know how alive I am. Hahahha. Don’t get me wrong, I so want to feel that kind of passion again, I’m just hoping that the next time I do…
it wouldn’t hurt so much anymore.