I should be a surgeon


“As surgeons, we ignore our friends and family to save another’s family and friends”

-Meredith Grey

After all the drama that has conspired in the past week, Grey’s Anatomy has been some sort of therapy. Ironically, art imitates life as I find my life resembles thier sullen lives. Being a surgeon requires one to NOT have a life and because of all the drama and betrayal that has been going on in the past week, I suddenly wished that I had the 80 hour week instead.

It may be pessimitic but sometimes when life offers us so much and you just can’t deal, its way too agonizing. Sometimes focusing on work is just the way to go about it.

However, I’ve realized that the only to get over a tough situation is to face it.

That sad part about that though is the fact that sometimes, you have to face it alone:-(