If only I could turn back time


The main reason why that is my title is because I am way too ashamed to write the real title of my latest favorite these days.

The thing with me is that I am totally in love with MY TV. I swear, I never miss an episode of my favorite tv shows and I practically memorized the lines due to the fact that I watch these tv shows all over again. Reruns are never wasted on me. The lives of these characters are ultimately major for me, as if I’m actually living and breathing with them. Also, for the past six years, these TV shows have all been “foreign”. Gone were the days that I was hooked on telenovelas, watching it every single night.

Until last monday. You see for the past few days I’ve been seeing advertisments all over my TV screen about the new soap on channel 2 featuring the two kids from big brother.

First of all, I can’t freakin’ believe that kids younger than me are starring in the own primetime show. A little jealous there because of the injustice of this world. But nonetheless, I serisouly started watching it and I got hooked. So, there goes my guilty pleasure. It’s not baduy at all and the fact that gerald anderson is cute helps as well.

Ohgad, have I turned into a pathetic person? Well, who cares, it IS nice show. Why don’t you try watching it tonight? Heeeheee.


My parents and I have been reading “Your Best Life Now” for the past two weeks and after reading just about nine chapters of it, it’s as if my perspective has changed already. It’s truly a life altering book, go grab one for yourself, okay?

School started 3 days ago and other than A PILE OF HOMEWORK, nothing’s new:) I think i have to get back to class. hehe:)