i’m betty and i’m happy! *clap* *dance* *clap*


Betty is a favorite of mine.

Ever since I was a little girl, my mamang and I would often spend afternoons watching the original version so imagine my excitement when I heard about the US version making waves a few years ago.

She has also become a huge part of this blog.

It has been a year since Betty waved goodbye (sadly) but I still can’t help but write about her every now and then. Betty’s disposition and ability to climb the crazy, corporate ladder while being comfortable in who she is is simply astounding to me.

It also amazes me that she ended up with Daniel Meade.

This is all great to me because I’ve always believed that being a nice person is better than simply being beautiful. I may not know how to put on make up but i do know how to treat people right and for me that should be more than enough.

in a word filled with super models and women with tight abs, it is quite impossible for someone like me to stand out simply because i couldn’t care less about make-up, clothes or partying. i really don’t enjoy dressing up because i’d rather spend it in a bookstore.

i have also never placed much emphasis in how i look simply because i knew that at the end of the day, focusing too much on the outside would force me to spend less time focusing on what’s important like my relationship with God, my interests and other things. There was simply no time left to spend dolling up in front of the mirror simply because i had a life to live.

and i know that this is not an excuse because there are super girls out there who are really good at juggling both, but that simply wasn’t me. i am the girl with her nose forever buried in books and i always cringe when receiving compliments about my looks or anything else aesthetic.

i’ve always believed that my inner self was more than enough and looking decent was enough, however, welcome to the real world of barbies and i find myself a little lost, just like betty.

i have long accepted the fact that i would never be a supermodel but in reality, it took me awhile to accept the fact that guys in general may not find that very comforting. it used to bother me when i was younger, but today, i have come to realize that it no longer does.

because i know that there will always be someone prettier, richer, smarter and cuter than me and my future guy might find her very beautiful but still choose to be with me. i know it may seem impossible but God has already set aside that perfect person for me and that person would accept me for who i am– big glasses, quirks, obsession with looks and all.

it’s okay to be who i am because God created me to be this way.

it may seem like such a cliche but i know that if you’re a girl, you might feel insecure at least once in your life, i hope you know that you don’t have to be because you’re beautiful and God doesn’t make anything less than that. live your life and don’t try to pattern it after someone you see in the magazines because the guy who God has meant for you will definitely appreciate everything that the wrong one never did.

you are beautiful. don’t you dare forget it.