The Bible promises us that God’s plan for us is far greater than anything we have ever imagined.

And for me that is a promise i’d love to believe simply because if God’s plan for me is far greater than anything i’ve ever imagined then it must be pretty grand because i’ve probably imagined every single scenario possible (including me being crowned as the next Queen of England– Kate Middleton beat me to it but I do love her) so the grand things God has in store must be pretty generous.

However, I must be reminded that in God’s kingdom– these grandiose dreams do not matter as much in His kingdom simply because He has said that the greatest in His kingdom serve others which means I have to be kinder and basically forget about these petty dreams in order to serve others.

And since i’m born selfish, simply in my nature, this whole thing seems like a far cry from what i thought what God has planned for me.

The great thing about that though is that as our facades chip away, as we let go of the things that used to matter and try our best to fulfill others’ dream instead of constantly pushing for our own — ours come true as well.

Which is what God promised at the beginning– blessing us with the deepest desires of our hearts without adding any sorrow to it.

Because as He fulfills our dreams He also shows us to depend on Him and have complete joy in Him. That as we continually bless the source, He blesses us in ways we can never imagine.

Our God is so beautiful. Our God is so gracious. What a beautiful God we serve 🙂