it’s official: i’m considered an old student already


First week of classes just ended and I SURVIVED the crowded hallways and the large throng of people I have to get through EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past week just to get past the lobby. I finally got to meet up with my friends (who I missed like crazy!!) and guess what? It was as if we were only seperated for a weekend.

My subjects and schedule are really tough this term. I’ve got two math subjects, ecommerce, law and sociology. I’m loving law and sociology so far, I’m thinking of taking up criminal law after my business degree. That would be so law and order, cool huh?

The geek in me is loving all the work that has been given and will be given but i’m giving up on wednesday and sunday live basketball:-( I missed the game today. That’s okay though because KINGS WON!!!!!;-) happy happy joy joy:)